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The First 20-Nanometer Chip Devoted To Bitcoin


Neptune In Assembly (each Neptune consists of 5 chip boxes + 1 controller card box).

We’re pleased to announce touch-down of the first batch of our new 20 nanometer Neptune processors. They are now going through the testing/tweaking/assembly stage in Sweden and shipping will commence this week.

A World First 20-Nanometer Design

The Neptune is a formidable technological achievement. It is the first commercially available 20 nanometer processor shipped to end users. KnCMiner can take pride in beating all competitors to the 20nm stage, including the likes of Intel, Apple and Samsung.

The Neptune is a 1440-core 55x55 mm package tailor-made for the Bitcoin market. Each Neptune consists of 5 chips and comes in new sturdier enclosure and packaging. Using the speed offered by a true 20nm die process each Neptune churns out more than 3 TH/s while consuming only 2.1 KW at the wall. That works out to 0,7 watts per GH/s or less. 

The recommended PSU set up per Neptune is 3 x 850w (or 2 x 1200w). There's one (1) 6-pin connector per board, and there's 5 chips alltogether on a Neptune, plus a controller card in it's own box.

Software Updates

There are margins built into our design and the software running our chips can only improve from today on. All future software updates to raise the hashing speed will be free of charge. 

We've reached our initial targets on speed and power consumption. But as this is the first day we’ve had the Neptune in our lab our technicians have already implemented a few tricks to increase hashing speed and we’ll release updates to our firmware shortly.

The first two batches of the Neptune miner are all sold-out. Batch three is available for pre-order now in our web shop. Watch this space for more info on upcoming products based on our new state-of-the-art 20nm design process.

We expect to ship to Batch 1 pre-order customers this week and to Batch 2 pre-order customers before the end of the month.

Best regards,

The KnC Team, June 17, Stockholm, Sweden.

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