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Jupiter 3TH



So last week we really messed up. We sent out products to our customers which arrived broken, damaged and quite frankly unusable.

So in order to fix this the best way we can. We are not asking for these products back from anyone who has received them already. We will simply assume that every card was damaged in shipment even if it arrived undamaged. We will send out to every customer who had a 3TH Jupiter or several already arrive, enough cards to replace their entire collection,

There is no way our customers should have to suffer because of our mistake in not properly securing the components during shipment.

Any effected box in transit is being cancelled by UPS and returned to us to be fixed by our teams,

The factory that produces the cards has been running over the weekend and we hope to have all the replacement cards sent out this week.

Rather than spending more time than is absolutely necessary on this we are going to take the approach of the famous Swedish Furniture maker and ship the box with minimal self-assembly. An instruction video is being made today and will be available later for all to see.

Again we are sorry for not delivering up to our own accepted standard,


KnCMiner Team

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