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Dear All
It’s been a while since our last communication and this update is overdue and we do apologise for that. In this newsletter we want to update you on 3 important things.Neptune Development Progress, Jupiter sales and our new project - Plan B.

Neptune Development Progress

Over the last few months things have most certainly not stopped here at KnC, and we have made massive progress on our 20nm chip and it will be one of the first 20nm chips to come out to market with the strong support of our partners, TSMC, AST and Alchip. The backend engineering teams have been working 7 days a week around the clock to bring this chip to market as fast as possible. We have of course learnt a lot from our previous 28nm design and with that knowledge we will squeeze even more out of our 20nm chip.
The news we can tell you today is that we have a further reduction in power consumption of around 11% from our initial calculations, which means we can squeeze in even more cores. The core count per package is already over 1000 and with every reduction in power usage we will add in more cores to maximize the performance. This is a great bit of news.

Jupiter sales

We are no longer going to offer Jupiter for sale. We had intended to offer Jupiter following the end of our Network Protection phase, however things move fast in the Bitcoin world and we have decided to end all future sales of Jupiter. We know this may disappoint some people waiting for buy more Jupiters, however, we have some exciting news that we would like to share today and its called ‘Plan B’.

Plan B

As you are all aware we broke many world records in releasing the 28nm chip in such a short amount of time. We are a very ambitious company but even for us, to go “all in” and not be able to deliver on our performance targets, like our competition, would be completely unacceptable to us as a company and everything we stand for. So today we are introducing, Plan B.
To make sure that everyone who has paid for their Neptune gets their we are building a data centre like no other. It is located in the north of Sweden not far from Facebook and other Mega Data Centres and it’s totally powered by renewable energy.
Over the next few months we are bringing online enough hashing power to make sure that any delay in the Neptune timeline will be compensated with a completely free hosted hashing packages to all fully paid customers.
In the addition to this commitment, as part of Plan B, for all Neptune customers, we will be offering a free conversion to a hosted hashing package where we will simply fill your wallets directly and you won’t have to worry about anything else. All the other costs taken care of by us. We are able to do this by using our 28nm chips which is why all products that we have coming out of our factory in the next few months will go into building and supplying the Plan B facility.
If, during the course of development of Neptune, there is any threat to the timelines for delivery, those delays will not result in the loss of any mining time for our Neptune customers. We will release more details of this as we get closer to the delivery date, but for now we have one of the world’s largest data centres to build.

KnCMiner Team

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