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Status update / Firmware release



We have been shipping products for a while now and while everything has not gone perfect we thought it was time to provide a little update on out status of things.


So far the factory has produced about 700 products, while it seems a lot we were hoping for more by now,

This has been a very steep learning curve and we have adjusted the manufacturing process to be able to produce more boxes per day to try and catch up with the backlog.


We would also like to take this opportunity to say that we are aware of the following outstanding issues including but not limited to


Hosting environment delays,

Shipping delays,

Performance of some devices are not up to specifications,

Power supply’s causing issues damage to some boards.

Packaging and delivery issues.



We would like to state that we remain committed to improvement in all of these areas and more. We have all of our staff dedicated to fixing the above issues above anything else.

Our customer service department are working as hard as they can to keep up with all the customer requests and we would like to apologize for any delays our customers are facing while we make our way through these issues.


The good news is we have another firmware release today 0.95 This version is specifically aimed at the power consumption of our devices and again contains more stability fixes in the firmware, We have identified issues in the communication between the controller board and the ASIC modules which were causing some very bad performance in certain cases. we recomed that anyone having either power consumption issues or performace issues takes this patch. Please note that this patch will be automatically deployed to all hosting boxes in our DC.


The patch can be found here kncminer-0.95.bin


We do accept that things are not going as well as planned, We are however doing everything we possibly can to get things back on track.



KnCMiner Team

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