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Store Update

Store Update


As mentioned in our former newsletters, we are aware of the service we provide to our customers.

Previously we promised to set a precedent in protecting our customers’ share of the network.

Due to your overwhelming support, and part availability, we are forced to announce all new sales will now be delivered from mid-November on wards.  

All current paid orders will be shipped no later than October 15th.

All new sales will reflect our November price point of;

·         Jupiter at $4,995

·         Saturn at $2,995

Mercury has now been discontinued.

There currently exist a few unpaid orders which are marked for October delivery. If these orders remain unpaid, they will become available for purchase again, unless payment is received. The devices will then be added back into our site on a daily bases. The same procedure will also be in place for refunded orders. So keep an eye on our site for any October deliveries.

Furthermore to reduce any concerns regarding loyalty, of course we intend to acknowledge all customers that have supported us. You will all be given preferential treatment with our future generation devices.

We will not forget the support you have given us.


KnCMiner Team.

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