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Power Supply Recommendation

Power Supply Recommendation.

With our shipment date approaching this update addresses the power demands of our mining devices.

We realise we are currently being compared to our competitors with respect to power consumption and would like to clarify our position.

Today we can reveal that our maximal power consumption will be below 1.6 W/GH/s.

We understand the need for some of our more remote customers to be able to secure a purchase of a power supply (PSU) within the given timeframe.

So today we can reveal the following recommendations;

We recommend an 850 Watt PSU with a minimum of 4x PCI-E adaptors for our Jupiter model.

We recommend a 600 Watt PSU with a minimum of 2x PCI-E adaptors for our Saturn model.

We recommend a 400 Watt PSU with a minimum of a PCI-E adaptor for our Mercury model.

This recommended power wattage figure is calculated upon our max. power consumption of total device including all of its components.

We aim to ensure you use a power supply unit capable of outputting in excess of the current recommended wattage to prevent any problems caused due to insufficient power.

Note: Powers supplies must contain a sufficient number of PCI-E adaptors for each respective unit.




KnCMiner Team 

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