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KnCMiner Case

We had a  bit of excitement in the office today that we wanted to share with you, lots of people have been asking about this.

Our first case samples arrived back from our manufacturing partner. You can see from the photo, we've gone for a simple, full aluminium design for maximum performance while keeping the cost low and assembly simple.

Each case will have 2 cooling fans and 1-4 heat sinks depending on the particular model. Jupiter is 4, Saturn is 2 and Mercury is 1 as they use 4, 2 and 1 ASICs respectively. The small slot at the front is to accommodate one 5V and multiple 12V power connections from the external PSU as well as the RJ45 for Ethernet and a USB.

As everyone knows, our units do not ship with PSUs, we cannot supply these. We will be recommending a PSU in the coming weeks after final tests on sample boards have been completed.


We can also announce that we expect to have PCB samples to show you before the end of next week!


Jupiter Case

Keep an eye on our website for more news and updates.




KnCMiner Team 

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