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News update

It’s time again for another newsletter from us. Today’s newsletter will have the following sections

  1. Performance improvements to Jupiter and Saturn
  2. Power usage
  3. Unpaid orders
  4. Lottery results
  5. Queue position update


Performance improvements to Jupiter and Saturn


Here at KnCMiner we have always stated that the final performance of our machines has not been set in stone. We simply do not want to overpromise and then have to correct ourselves later.

The performance increase that we can announce today is based on direct feedback from the chip manufacturer who have been working with us for some time now. They have come back to us confirming the performance improvements in our RTL code.

So it is with great pleasure that we can finally announce our Jupiter is now a 400 GH/s device and therefore Saturn is a 200 GH/s device.

We are now so far down the chip development path that we can safely reveal these figures. There will be further announcements from us about the chip manufacture soon, and we will keep you all informed of all progress


Power usage details


We have previously specified the power consumption of the Jupiter device at a 1000 watts. We have now received indication from our chip manufacturer that this may be lower.

This is where we need to refer you to our statement of under promise and over deliver.

So until you hear from us again on this, we would like to reaffirm that Jupiter will be less than 1000 watts and Saturn less than 500 watts.


Unpaid orders


There has been some confusion about our ordering process. While we may admit that the pre-order registration, 7 day payment window, and even the wording on our site have added to the confusion.


We would like to make it clear that orders which are not paid will not be given a place in the shipping queue until they are successfully paid for.

All orders are kept in your account history and we have not removed any active (New) orders. We will shortly begin removing any unpaid orders from our system if they remain unpaid for more than 7 days.


So for those of you that have been confused by the order/queue/payment process. You will have a few more days to pay for your orders before they are removed. If you have any concerns on this please email us at


Lottery results


The lottery has now been drawn. The winners have been announced, with their permission on our webpage


Queue position update


We know you have all been waiting for the shipping queue position update and over the next few days we will be adding a comment to your orders which will give you the day that your boxes will be made, tested and shipped.

For example Day 1/Day 2/Day 3. This will indicate how far from the start of shipping your order will dispatched. This update will not apply to new orders and will only apply to the orders which were based on pre-order registration. All other orders will be dispatched in the order of payment.


Chip Progress report


The more technical audience amongst our customers have been asking for a lot details on the chips we will use. The information we have available to you today is that Jupiter will be a 4 chip design and Saturn a 2 chip design.

This means that we can achieve a minimum of 100GH/s per chip. Which we think most people will agree, puts us far ahead of our current competitors.

Our ASIC package selection has been optimized, allowing the use of a smaller package. The selected package is a 55mm x 55mm HFCBGA package (2046 ball count), optimized for maximum thermal characteristics.


Further news


We are still on track to meet our deadlines of shipping the first boxes in September. We will be providing regular updates in newsletters here and on our site. so keep checking regularly so you don’t miss out on any updates.


KnCMiner team

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