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Product Announcement

KnCMiner product information

After launching our website just a few weeks ago we have had an overwhelming response. This has been highly valuable in many ways and we encourage you to continue to give us as much feedback as you already have been doing.

Today we are presenting more technical information about our products and services, which we will be offering from now until the start of the autumn. One of the key issues that has come out of the last few days is the issue of trust. We are fully aware that trust must be earned and this is why we are providing you with as much information as we can. Allowing you to make an informed decision about any future purchases.

We are announcing two devices today, Mars and Jupiter. We understand that the Mars product is not ground breaking but we are launching it to show our work so it can be publicly validated by as many people as possible. Our new Jupiter product is groundbreaking and we are sure you will soon agree contains some impressive specifications. The main focus of the information we have available today will be around the following:

  • Our first mining product which is a 6 GH/s device called Mars
  • Our second mining product hashing at a minimum of 250 GH/s called Jupiter.



This device will be the first mass produced product and is available for purchase in the next few days. The key details around this device are as follows:

  • Over 6GH/s
  • 48x IC CYCLONE IV FPGA 115K on board chips  See the sites below for more details on the chips we will be using in our Mars product.
  • 30% Improvement in hashing rate over standard Implementation
  • Fan cooled with 48 heat sync’s and fans plus two case fans producing a cooling tunnel across the chips
  • Modular design (we will carry this design throughout all of our products)
  • USB attachment (software will be provided)
  • Shipment begins on mass in just over 2 months.
  • Earn coins while you are waiting in the queue for Jupiter
  • External ATX power will be required (we will provide a recommended list)
  • Upgrade protection built in to any Mars purchase with vouchers for up to $2000 off of any Jupiter purchase.
  • Last but not least, any purchase of the Mars product automatically reserves you the same place in the order queue for the Jupiter product. The queue reservation will last 30 days.
  • For more information about the chips used you can use the following links



This device is being designed in parallel by the OrSoC engineers. It will offer industry leading performance and power consumption per GH. The final specifications for this device are being ironed out now but we can confirm the following:

  • Minimum 250GH/s per device
  • 7000-8000 USD predicted price
  • 48 Chips (which are being designed exclusively for KnCMiner by ORSoC).
  • An additional gain of 30% more hashing when the advanced algorithms provided by ORSoC are applied.
  • Water cooled setup.
  • Modular Design allowing for expansion at a later date.
  • Embedded Linux device to allow for standalone mining.
  • Shipment begins in early autumn.


Previously registered customers

The customers who have previously registered interest in our products will be given the opportunity to complete their orders for either Mars or Jupiter. The preregistered customers will keep their queue position for the new products.

More info will follow in next few days.


In the coming weeks

We will continue to publish updates about our product range and progress reports on a weekly basis. We will also have more information about the following services.

  • Hosting setups.
  • Hashing rental possibilities.
  • Split purchase agreements allowing competitive entry to mining at a much lower price.
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