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Litecoin Mining Hardware

Litecoin Mining Hardware

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With our innovative mining solutions we offer complete upgradable modular ASIC mining devices.

The Titan uses our new modular design system, the chips are delivered in individual "cube" cases, each chip with its own dedicated cooling and power management. The controller cards are also delivered separately.

Our new modular design adds several benefits besides making management, service and upgrades easier. Each module having its own case also enhances efficiency in cooling and we can make each cube very quiet. Downtime is also minimized and tweakers appreciate the design as it makes it easy for them to tinker with one chip/cube at a time, while still having the rest of their cubes running independently.
With the small size of each cube it’s easy to arrange and move chips around to fit also in cramped spaces.
In choosing the cube design we’ve also made adequate space for the most effective on-board components, which in turn also help making our ASIC hardware products industry-leading in energy-efficiency.
(Please note: our mining rig production and shipping queue is based upon the date full payment is received, not on date order created).
All Litecoin mining hardware is currently sold-out.