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  • KnCMiner, based in the tech hub that is Stockholm, Sweden. KnCMiner specialises in building leading edge Bitcoin ASIC Miners for a secure and distributed decentralised global Bitcoin network.

    Combined with the prodigious talent housed at Sweden’s illustrious ORSoC IC engineering consultancy KnCMiner is on track to smash the world record for the time taken to develop and manufacture 28nm Application Specific Integrated Circuits.

    KnCMiner –  We Under Promise, We Over Deliver. Cryptocurrency Hardware for 21st Century Finance.


    “Thanks Emilia, Superb customer service, I have ordered from Avalon and BFL. Avalon was quick off the blocks and had really great service. I have an order from BFL and they have plenty more staff, yet they're service is really bad, and of course I'm still waiting for my hardware.

    KnCMiner is really showing the industry a new standard, keep up the good work. I'm proud to be one of your customers. :)”


    Feedback from one of our customers.